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Characters are the works that contain human figures and characters.


An old faerie getting new life with my sisters new copic markers. They are quite fun to draw with. Just have to be careful that they don’t bleed through the paper.

Black pen
Copic markers
A5 paper


A primitive Harley Quinn drawing.

Part of a challenge done with my sister. We get a subject and make a drawing each.

Bonus info:
“Hi mr J” is fun to say in a girly voice; Try it!

Blue ballpoint pen
A5 paper

Tianu Swiftpath character

This is my night elf character from World of Warcraft. She is a rather timid character, with a blue haystack of a hair. Below is all the different sketches and the final one.


The first three were mostly experiments with eyes and expression. The one in the top left corner is very far from what I wanted but was a means of getting started. The low ears and the lip style were settled in the middle right one.



Hair and expression and a little comparison to Sizirri and Cithia’s eyes.  (Other characters)


The final sketch for now. Tianu on the buttom, my brother’s char in the middle and my troll Sizirri on the top.

Materials: Ballpoint pen and paper.
The sketches are scanned with a phone app, which makes them a little bleak.