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Ink drawn works.

Looking over

An impy thing trying to look over something. obviously he isn’t very tall.

First of the “dot-drawing” using dots instead of strokes as shadows. It takes a lot of time but it looks great.

Bonus info:
Have to use a smaller pen in the future, it looks a bit smudged because of the big dots.

0.5 black Pen
A5 paper


I made my grandfather a motor for his birthday.Sadly I don’t have a picture of the finished one.

I looked up the word motor in Google, then drew the one that was the most picturesque with a few changes. He then took a short look at it and told me it’s name.


Bonus info:
I am getting better at the dots but they still hurt my hand.

0.2 Black pen
A4 paper
Pencil for sketch