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Creatures are the works that contain animals of all kinds. Example: Cats, horses, dragons, monsters.

The Suneater

This is a pencil drawing that later made it into digital colouring. The original sketch wasn’t made for colour but I am very pleased with the lighting. An effect I rarely use simply because I haven’t mastered it very well.

suneater pencil

Pencil sketch.

The Suneater

The digital coloured version, lighting effects and background also added to this.

Materials: Pencil, paper and Photoshop with pen tablet.

Wizard dragon


This one is my first attempt at drawing dragons. I just figured out that dragons are in essence just a lot of different animals put together. This one started a long period of dragon drawing.


The first one to follow him was his brother the jeweldragon.


Here he is in colour, this was made much later with the pen tablet.


This last one is a later attempt at drawing him from another angle. Face was a bit off though.

Pencil drawings: Pencil and paper (A5).
Colour version: Pen tablet and Photoshop.



Old fighting dragons made right after the Dragons in love, despite the fact that I promised myself that I wouldn’t do something that big again. I do like the result though and even as I said to myself, this would be the last, there were many more where these came from.

Materials: Pencil and paper (A3).



Sabre cat and my first successful attempt at drawing a roar. Darkened in Photoshop this guy remains a fearsome kitty.

Saber scanned image

Original drawing in the sketchbook.

Materials: Pencil and paper, Photoshop for darkening.

Red Thing

Red thing

This one is the first thing I painted in Photoshop. It never got a name because it was essentially just meant as a passtime experiment. The background is a picture of my street with filters on. The red thing was drawn with just the mouse and a brush tool.

Materials: Photoshop and camera taken picture for background.