Nature Talent Polar Bear

Nature Talent Polar Bear

Nature Talent Polar Bear

This is a project from the colour atelier.

The foremost meaning with this painting was to try out a way of using colours. Underneath is a layer of brown colours making up the image, just like i’d do with a pencil drawing. On top of the brown single colour I added the real colours. The brown was simply there to show me where to apply the shading.

The idea of the subject is that I have always been annoyed with the word “Nature talent”. In danish at least this implies that one is born with a natural gift for something and therefore need not work or practice to hone that skill. I disagree strongly with this as I believe there is no talent without practice. However I will agree that the boundary between “Natural advantage” and “Natural talent” is a little blurry. For example: A cheetah has an advantage in a race if the opponent is a turtle. The purpose of this project is to stir the line thus creating the discussion. In the end I think I will be satisfied with agreeing that being good at something does not come out of thin air. Even if your body has an advantage you still need the practice.

To illustrate this I scrambled some pictures of animals up in Photoshop. The pictures are all taken in the Copenhagen Zoo.

This is the original photo manipulation:

polarbear photo manipulationNature Talent Polar Bear photo

Materials: 1x1m wooden board, brush and acryllics. Camera and Photoshop, several pictures of different animals. Also an overhead projector helped turning the sketch onto the board.